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The German heavy metal band INNER AXIS from Kiel was formed in 2008 with a clear vision: to create a sound that captures the essence of classic heavy metal and merges it with modern elements. Since its inception, the band has evolved into a true institution in the metal scene. With their unique blend of powerful riffs, melodic hooks, and energetic live performances, they have secured a solid place in the hearts of fans. Musical influences can be found in bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and Manowar, but Inner Axis has developed a distinct sound of their own.

Their debut album, "Into The Storm," was a true breakthrough for the band. With songs like "Soultaker" and "Killing Lullaby," they demonstrated their ability to combine catchy melodies with powerful guitar riffs. The album received enthusiastic reviews and established INNER AXIS as one of the most promising newcomer bands in the scene.

Their second album, "We Live By The Steel," continued the path of success. With songs like "The Brave" and "Storm Lords," they once again showcased their ability to write captivating anthems that mesmerize listeners. The album was celebrated by critics and fans alike, solidifying INNER AXIS' reputation as one of Germany's rising heavy metal bands.

In the midst of the pandemic, following the release of their two albums, the band released the double-single "Midnight Hunter/Steelbladed Avenger." During this stage of live performance hiatus, the band focused on the visual aspect, enlisting the help of Hollywood director and SFX specialist Alex Popov, along with renowned Hollywood actors like Ellen Hollmann (Matrix) and Stephen Dunlevy, resulting in the creation of two exceptional high-end music videos that reached nearly 1,000,000 views on YouTube.

However, it is on stage that INNER AXIS truly shines. With their high-energy performance and charismatic stage presence, they captivate the audience at every show. Their performances are a true highlight for every metal fan who has experienced the band live. From small clubs to supporting genre giants like Iced Earth, Enforcer, Portrait, or Paul Di'Anno, as well as appearing at several festivals, INNER AXIS has proven their ability to captivate audiences and deliver an unforgettable show.

The band is set to release their new album in 2024 and is ready to conquer the stages of the world! The first album single "Burn with me" is OUT NOW!

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